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Find New Friends Who Share Your Music Tastes

Meet New Friends at a Festival

Loudsurf is the first app on the market that helps you to meet new friends via the music you choose to represent you.

Simply create a wave by selecting three tracks that define your vibe, and then Loudsurf’s powerful tech matches you with people who have similar tastes. There’s no limit to how many waves you can create so each one gives you an array of new connections depending on your mood.

Our goal is to help you meet new people and find new friends who share your love for Hip Hop, Drum & Bass, Rock, Indie, Trap, EDM, Folk, R&B or that hot new micro-genre that everyone is freaking out about.

Add music to your ‘wave’ which is your 3 track music profile of the moment and watch our algorithm throw some potential matches your way. Add a friend, Send them a track to break the ice and geek out or meet up.

Connect with New Music Friends

Loudsurf builds on the swipe right for “connect”, and left for “skip”, options that are now a firm part of the app vocabulary.

You’re can then break the ice by sending your contact a track, and message either one-on-one or in groups through the app’s inbuilt chat function.

Interact with the people whose “waves” you like. That way you can build a network of friends whose music tastes you admire, chat about the music and artists you love or meet up with new music friends at events nationwide.

The Team

Kwame Laryea

Founder/Managing Director Kwame Laryea Founder at Loudsurf

Emine Pirhasan

Co Founder/Business Strategy Emine Pirhasan Co Founder at Loudsurf

Nick Kuchmiy

Project Manager
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