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Loudsurf - Find New Friends Who Share Your Music Tastes

Loudsurf is all about connecting people who would otherwise not have know that they had a shared passion.

Favorite Music, bands, artists are some of the ways we choose our first group of friends. Being unified with an arena of friends all rocking out in harmony to one groove is what we all search for and our aim is to make that a possibility.

Our goal is help you meet new people and find new friends who share your love for the synth solo in Daft Punk’s Aerodynamic, your joy for any hands in the air anthem by The Chainsmokers, Chance the Rapper’s eclectic raps or The Weeknds sweet sultry soul.

Add music to your ‘wave’ which is your 3 track music profile of the moment and watch our algorithm throw some potential matches your way. Add a friend, Send them a track to break the ice and geek out or meet up.