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Saint Jhn Rapper Brooklyn

So I was geeking out about cars like any decent bloke should and I was immediately hooked by the bad ass soundtrack, a quick search in the comments threw up Brooklyn Rapper Saint Jhn – Reflex. Now the game was on I needed to get this in my life.

Saint Jhn – Roses

Saint Jhn is a melody Trap Artist much in the vein of Future, Travis Scott, Quavo and many others, but his melodic structure is so much closer to a classic R&B Soul structure than the slightly off key auto-tuned sound currently flooding the airwaves.

This gives Saint Jhn a more R Kelly, Akon, T Pain vibe which is still gangsta but also smooth as butter. This is best illustrated in Reflex which is just some laid back shit to ride to.

Saint Jhn – Reflex

Born in Brooklyn and of Guyanese descent Saint Jhn initially hit the music scene as a rapper under the guise of Carlos Saint John, a rap persona he admits was pretty aggressive as he felt he was angry and was purely focused in trying to get out of the hood.

However Melody and Songwriting changed his path and helped him evolve and become more diverse. He put rapping on hold and worked hard to earn co-writing credits on Usher’s 2016 hits “Crash” and “Rivals”.

The path to Jhn was not such smooth sailing, after spending 2 months in LA under the tutelage of Zach Katz of BMG Publishing Jhn proceeded to develop his writing career pitching a number of songs for Rihanna, none of these would come to pass.

This struggle continued with Jhn eventually coming to the conclusion that he had become more of a vessel for contribution to others work rather than his own voice.


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Somewhere in the process of pitching songs to A&Rs and Managers he start to get turned down because the material sounded too much like him. It took quite a few of these rejections for Jhn to realize the fact that this was because he had found his own sound.

With family members deep in the dope game it could have so easily gone a different way, admittedly Jhn tried his hand at the Dope game and it didn’t work for him and we are glad it didn’t because now he is dropping some of the hottest music we have heard in a hot minute.

GØDD COMPLEXx – Dope Dealer (Produced By Bobby Johnson & f a l l e n)

Jhn and his GØDD COMPLEXx collective appear to be on the verge of a takeover Mr. Pyrex T, Mikill Angelo, Kyle the Hooligan King, Lanta, and Saint Jhn are all in the lab crafting away and from the results of the street heaters already getting millions of plays it’s surely only a moment away from a full shutdown.
pibus leo.


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