How to get a free pass to Boomtown Fair

Boomtown Fair Carnival

So last year I managed to find myself with a free Boomtown Festival ticket and this is how I did it!

But before I start let me preface this with the following caveat *this hack requires you to have at least one small child to look after and it also requires some attendance to a workshop a month or so beforehand.

Now you are probably thinking I can’t take a small child to a Festival just for the purposes of getting a free ticket plus I won’t be able to get shit faced if I am looking after children!! And you would be right.

Unfortunately, this hack will only benefit a small group of Parents or Guardians in that magical zone with kids old enough to be at a Festival and willing to do some groundwork first.

So to cut to the chase every year Boomtown Fair holds some Carnival workshops in the Winchester area. My 8-year-old had the benefit of going with a friend and thoroughly enjoying an Arts and Crafts session.

About a month later I was informed that my young clone had been gifted a ticket to Boomtown Fair and would require a parental chaperone, which meant I get to go to Boomtown too.

On the Sunday we bundled into the car Me, my son and my clever daughter and headed off to the Matterley Estate. We met her friends and parents outside the gates all of us with a slight sense of disbelief but also eager to get in.

Then a lady with a clipboard arrived opened up the Portakabin by the gate and started ticking us off the list and issuing us our wristbands.

We were in!

We were directed to Kidztown where the little ones were able to practice their Circus skills, ride bikes get their faces painted and water play.

We ventured to the nearest stages and absorbed the full psychedelic experience of Boomtown before heading back to Kidztown for some lunch.

By late afternoon we were all being ushered to get ready for the Carnival parade. The children then got their outfits on before joining the procession through Whistlers Green, The Wild West, Old Town and finally ending up at the Town Hall in the middle of the Festival.

Note to all considering this, it’s a long walk so bring a drink for the little ones and some comfy shoes.

After this, we went off to enjoy the Ferris Wheel and whatever else took our fancy.

All in all a very good day out. If you want to attempt this free pass hack look for details on the Facebook page below.

For More Info Visit the Boomtown Fair Facebook Page:

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