Community Guidelines



We want Loudsurf to be a space for music fans to thrive in.

To help make this happen, these are the community values we’d love you to promote.


Be you, whoever you want that to be

You can use your real name or your clubland nickname – we don’t mind; just don’t pretend to be someone else. Be serious, silly or satirical but be part of a positive community. We value positive behaviour and will help anyone threatened with potential harassment or bullying or confusing other Surfers.

Be yourself, be respectful

Your “hand in the air” anthem is someone else’s “please, make it stop” – and that’s all good. If we were all the same, life would be boring. So in the heat of the moment, keep it cool. Bear in mind other users of Loudsurf have their own, independent views and will no doubt express them thatโ€™s what makes it fun.

Be ready for Loudsurf

We all love music but it can deal with tricky subjects using strong words and subject matter. For that, amongst other reasons, make sure you’re 16 or over when you join Loudsurf.

Respect the creators

We will remove content on Loudsurf we think has been shared without proper permission. If you see this in the app, report it to us.

Make Loudsurf a nice place to hang

Here’s a list of “not cool” things we’re sure you’re better than and wonโ€™t do: impersonating others, hate speech, stalking & harassing, sharing private information, spreading untruths, encouraging self-harm, suicide threats or gambling. Loudsurf is not a place for adult, illegal, violent or graphic content, content promoting tobacco, alcohol, drugs, guns or terrorist ideology or spam, phishing, malware or systems abuse. If you see this stuff happening on Loudsurf, be a friend and report it to us.