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Loudsurf app - Meet New Music People Online

About a year ago my best friend and I decided we were tired of not being able to find friends to join us going to gigs or to introduce us to new music.

There were clearly lots of people finding apps about but most of them were centred around dating, nothing for just meeting new music friends online to just geek out with.

We decided the world needed a way to help people like us meet other people like us online, so we created Loudsurf.

Using your favourite 3 tracks of the moment we encourage you to create a ‘wave’ which is a 3 track playlist, from which we automagically use to match you with other music lovers. You can create as many waves as you like and you can also view, listen to and repost other users waves.

You are presented with full image swipe cards with your match percentage and the user ‘pulse’ or their music tempo, swipe left to skip and right to request a friend that’s it.

Send a track to break the ice in our messenger or form a group chat and arrange a big night out or a festival outing. These are some of the key features we thought would help music fans to start connecting with one another.

After a long and rocky development process, we have version 1.0 live and kicking on the AppStore and we are inviting all of you music fans, to jump on board and start road testing.

Meet online, chat, recommend new music and go hang out. Hopefully we will all find some good friends. We are currently iOS only but we plan to roll out to android sometime in the new year.

If you have any issues or find things not working as expected, send us a message at app feedback.

Loudsurf – Know your vibe, find your tribe


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